A New Way To Sell

kids with smartphones

Selling did not change for centuries… until now. The reason selling did not change was lack of technology maturity. Today, technology that facilitates sales change is available both for customers and companies. So far selling was dominantly based on a personal contact – seller and buyer trusting each other. Personal reputation was everything. Now, this method is losing its dominance.

Today customers use content to make a purchase decision before they meet anyone. The most extreme example is e-commerce. If businesses do not use e-commerce part of the role of the sales person is still replaced by digital content. A new way to sell uses digital content as a primary purchase motivator and does not rely on the sales team only.

A new way to sell has been present for a few decades already, but it was accessible only to a small number of companies, mainly e-commerce and big brands. The reason I consider this new is because the majority of businesses have not adopted it at all and those that adopted it have done so partially.

Essential definition of a new way to sell is:
– A purchase is largely motivated by Value Content;
– Some or all product customization is automated;
Martech and salestech manage all customer and purchase data.

It requires much deeper integration than, for example, inbound marketing, and must be applicable to a large majority of businesses which already have successful selling methods. It includes a complete redesign of how marketing and sales work and it must result in a constant increase of content only leads year by year. A new way to sell should never be the only way to sell, but its importance will only grow. Companies that do not adopt it will not be competitive.