Adding Alphabet Brands Google owners increase Brand Equity

Google Alphabet Brand Equity

Today Larry Page announced restructuring Google by adding Alphabet Brand. Read Larry’s the statement on new Alphabet website.

Alphabet is to act as a Mother Brand above Google Brand, positioning Google as a product or Sub-Brand of Alphabet. The Alphabet Mother Brand will include other products started by Google, such as Calico and Nest.

This move will transfer the Brand Equity (consumer respect) from powerful Google Brand to other Brands, mainly by positioning Google in the same plane as other products. While Google Brand is possibly lowered a bit in hierarchy, other product Brands have a higher boost.

This also makes sense as Google Brand is highly related to search technology and was not able to detach itself from it. Any Brand which depends on technology is at risk of loosing its position as technology looses relevance. Alphabet is a Brand without direct relationship to a specific technology, has a much better survival change in coming decades.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 11 Aug 2015