Best way for brands to use artificial intelligence

Coca Cola AI nutrition advice

Artificial intelligence (AI) is any software which mimics intelligent decision making. Recognizing faces, designing rules from large data, driving a car during a rush hour, making a great cappuccino, translating, catching objects, and walking on all fours are all AI.

AI is the next stage in software. All basic needs are already covered by non-AI software and all new software will be AI. AI is not a trend, but everything that follows. It is the only direction in which software can develop from today.

AI should not be overestimated. It is not as magical and mysterious as 20th-century entertainment presented it. It is as amazing to us today as spreadsheets were amazing to someone in the 1980s. Just as software was made by engineers before, AI is made today and will be made in the future. Most teams can make AI with few decent engineers. It is important for brand managers to accept AI development as a necessary standard and not as an extreme luxury.

AI can benefit all brands. Competitive brands are based on know-how. Their customers accept the brands as knowledge and solutions, and not as products. Automating this know-how with AI and giving customers’ access to it will make brands more competitive. This AI can be a new product, an addition to current products, or content.

The best form of AI for improving brand competitiveness is an expert system. It allows a direct transfer of know-how to the customers. Not only expert system offers great value to the customer, but it will offer new insights to the brand managers. Each brand manager can analyze what is the brand’s know-how, how it can be automated using an expert system, and how can customers interact with it. The sooner this process is started inside companies, at any level of complexity, the more competitive the brand will be.

Above example shows how Coca Cola can reposition itself by combining their know-how with AI. Coca Cola is perceived as an unhealthy brand. They have been defending themselves by placing blame on customer’s choices. Actually, Coca Cola would prefer if 7 billion people drink only one Coke a day, instead of a billion people drinking seven Cokes a day. Using an AI expert system Coca Cola can educate customers how to drink Coke and reposition the brand away from a negative product perception.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 9 Aug 2017