Brand Value defined

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What is a brand value?

Value is a positive change in customer’s experience. Brand is a word which represents all the values a company offers to its customers. Brand is a customer point of view. Brand values are values accepted by customers, the building blocks of a Brand.

Is there a negative value?

There are no perfect brands which do not have negative values.

In competition brands do not have only one customer. Different customers can be final consumers, retailers, distributors, employees, investors. All of them require different values from a single brand. In some cases values offered to one customer are seen as negative values by another. Making investors happy will make employees or final consumers unhappy sometimes. The issue of social responsibility is a conflict of delivering values to different customers.

From perspective of a single customer a brand is never perfect and always has some negative values.

Unique values are most important

Many values that a brand offers are also offered by other brands. These values are called shared values. Values offered only by one brand are unique values. Unique values are highly competitive and grow the business and competitors will try to copy them. If a customer can only get specific value from one brand, they will only purchase from that brand. No other brand will exist for them.

Goal of every business is to offer unique value to their customers.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 20 Nov 2016