Confessions of a marketing data hoarder

marketing data hoarder

Marketing is a technological activity since a decade ago when iPhone and Facebook took off. Majority of marketing today consists of designing digital content and big data analysis. While marketing leaders use custom software to collect data, entrants depend a lot on accessing third party APIs.

Here are 6 questions every martech manager and CIO should answer when planning to hoard marketing data via APIs:

1) What do you need the data for?
Automatic decisions with algorithms, team decisions, or you just want to figure it out as you go.

2) What are all the sources of data?
Make a big list of all digital assets you own and can access. You might be surprised where you can find interesting data.

3) Will you get an open API access to your apps? Is it free?
Choosing software with open and free API access is best. If it is not free, then you need to prepare your budget.

4) Is API well documented?
API documentation quality is important when choosing the software. If documentation is badly written then you will struggle.

5) What kind of API live support can you expect?
Documentation is often not enough. Make sure to test the support before making the final commitment.

6) How often is API updated?
If API is often updated, you need to plan the resources needed to update all other tools. This can be costly.

And it always helps if the martech team understands the brand.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 30 Jul 2018