Disruption, Test & Learn, Marketing & Sales Funnel are proofs that customers accepted your values

A brand is customer’s point of view. We define it even more precisely as values accepted by customers. Managing such an abstract concept can be challenging. Every business must be sure that customers are accepting their values, and that revenue is not a result of some other circumstances. If customers accept values, this means that the business is highly competitive. Otherwise it is not.

Here are 3 scenarios which prove that customers are accepting values (lines can represent sales, content publishing, or interactions with content):



distuprion graph

If your brand behaves differently from your competitors (other brands in the category/market), then you are disrupting.
Disruption is only possible if customers accept your values.


Test & Learn

test & learn graph

If you keep making changes and some of them give results, then you have proven that the customers accepted your values.
Keeping the status quo is not possible.


Marketing & Sales Funnel

marketing and sales funnel graph

If customers are following your trail then you have proven they are accepting your values.
If customers come and leave without moving through the funnel, then they are not accepting the values.


Situations to avoid:
– Your business is only following market trends, and is not setting any trends;
– Your product, media, and content are not used for testing;
– Only isolated parts of your funnel get interactions. This applies also to final step in the funnel – the sale.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 14 Jun 2017