How to hire a perfect a marketer (Renaissance style)

Lorenzo de' Medici

There are two ways to grow a business with marketing:
1) Creation or promotion of new values, of something truly valuable for customers, innovation;
2) Tricks and hacks that do not offer new value but do increase revenue.

Creating new values is a long term strategy. This does not mean that it takes a long time to develop, but it means that it will benefit the company over the long period. Tricks and hacks mostly depend on technology and can create fast and immediate growth, but do not create any new value and do not offer long term benefits. A single solution can not solve all problems, but creation of new values is significantly more important than tricks and hacks.

Since marketing is a necessary tool for company growth, marketing management must be hired. A perfect marketing manager is one who can use the tricks and hacks if needed, is versed in technology, but in her core is focused on creating new values.

How can you discover such a marketer?

A marketer must be able to market without technology. This means that she should be able to use only speech or a pen and paper to convince customers of the new value. A perfect marketer must be able to market not only in the 21st century, but also in 18th or 10th or 2nd century. Technology should not be the main component of her method, but she should know how to use whatever technology is available.

A perfect example is Lorenzo de’ Medici who used art and philosophy as content to establish his power during Renaissance. Lorenzo de’ Medici was able to influence the change of the known world with the use of much more primitive technology because the idea he promoted and the change he suggested was daring and powerful.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 12 Mar 2018