How CRM ruined the beautiful revolutionary customer relationship management idea


A customer is anyone who is interested or might be interested in a company, its products, or brands. Customer relationship consists of all interactions between customers and the company. Customer relationship management is the method companies use to deliver more value through those interactions.

Customer relationship management asks: How can we offer more value to our customers?

This is a theoretical point of view. Practical application of customer relationship management is done through CRM software. CRM software claims to support customer relationship management but it is mostly designed to get the sales teams to sell more. This is an example of how companies submit to the pressure of short-term sales goals at the expense of providing a better customer experience.

CRM software asks: Did you make me enough money today?

CRM software enforces the idea of short-term goals and does not build a culture of long-term growth. It does not allow sales teams to offer more value to customers. Sales are forced to reach short-term goals without much opportunity to win. It turns sales marketing into a World War 1 trench war. While some already successful companies will experience CRM software benefits, a lot of companies could experience reduced customer satisfaction.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 21 Dec 2018