How sales change when brands work well

UBS call center

Companies with highly competitive brands do not operate the same way as companies with undeveloped brands. Some of the most obvious differences can be seen in sales operations:

1) The first contact between the customer and the brand will be a soft value, and not a product or a salesperson. A competitive brand will produce more content which builds brand awareness and the best way to do that is with a soft value. Examples of soft values are innovation, safety, family, design & aesthetics, sustainability, culture, social status, etc.

2) Customers will remember a soft value, and not a salesperson or a product. When brands are undeveloped brand awareness is based on a salesperson or a product. A highly competitive brand depends much less on a product or a salesperson.

3) Customers will contact sales after they make a decision to buy. Undeveloped brand’s sales team have to do a lot of brand building and marketing themselves, but they do it inefficiently since this is not their main task and they lack resources. Highly competitive brand’s sales team will sell to customers who are already educated and motivated.

As brands become competitive their sales teams will develop in two directions: brand builders and closers. Salesperson that becomes a brand builder will become an expert in content marketing. Closers will become more efficient in closing the final step of the sale using automation, e-commerce, call centers, etc.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 10 Oct 2017