Is @kingjames a Me Me Me or a More Instagram account?

LeBron James

Customers do not see companies. Customers see the values they get from companies. These values are brands. A company is only a legal and management term. To understand this, try to answer the following question:

Is @kingjames a Me Me Me or a More Instagram account?

There are essentially two types of Instagram accounts:
1) Me Me Me accounts that only show the product or the owner;
2) More accounts that show something else as well.

This categorization is not based on the statistical analysis of the photo content, but on viewer’s impression. @kimkardashian (114 MM) and @cristiano (137 MM) are good examples of the Me Me Me accounts. @tomhanks (5 MM) and @leonardodicaprio (24 MM) push the More account strategy as far as they can.

But @kingjames (40 MM) is confusing. Is it a Me Me Me or a More Instagram account?

@kingjames features many photos of himself and of products he promotes but it just does not feel like a Me Me Me. For example, I am impressed by his I Promise School, although my reaction is not limited only to his philanthropy. I have an overall feeling from all the content.

@kingjames is an excellent exercise in figuring out which values constitute a brand and how they are created with content. Answering “Is @kingjames a Me Me Me or a More account?” already requires an understanding of how content makes us accept values.

As an exercise try to answer: Is @kingjames a Me Me Me or a More account? Let me know what you think.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 1 Aug 2018