Know-how as key digital asset

original Apple Macintosh team

Each company goal is to be a digital leader, especially in interactions with customers. By digital leader I do not mean that the company must create digital innovation, but that it must be up to date digital tools as support to its business. The main reason for this is that customers expectations are set by the best experiences, and they get best digital experiences from technology companies. Other companies must strive to be as close to that experience as possible, in order to meet customer expectations. To do so, they must adopt the basic approaches of technology companies.

The most important approach is that know-how is the key asset, not the technology. This means that a company must not view the mobile app as an asset, but the know-how to produce and update that app as an asset. Investment in technology management know-how is a capital – a long term – investment.

This shift in digital strategy perception from technology features to team know-how will create a more realistic understanding of resources and goals. Any improvement in understanding of its resources and goals only makes it more competitive.

Practical tip: Analyze your digital performance from the point of view of team know-how, instead of technology features.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 27 May 2015