Made in Italy will disappear by 2050

Michelangelo David

In year 2050 Italy will have three types of brands:
1) Brands growing by offering real and globally competitive values;
2) Brands slowly dying because they rely on the vague “Made in Italy”;
3) Brands breathing their last breaths because they neither offer real values nor use “Made in Italy”.

2050 is 31 years, 5 months, and 13 days away. Or 11,489 days. How can your company prepare?

“Made in Italy” will offer no value in 2050. High quality of products will be extremely important for company performance but only as a minimum standard. Customers will perceive high quality of products as a commodity. They will expect it by default.

Competitive advantage will be in added values such as sustainability, lifestyle, design, consulting, automation, accessibility, ideology, trust, etc. Added values need a product to be added to, but are created by services and Value Content. In 2050 businesses will make more things than ever and product quality will be much higher, but customers will be motivated to choose only by added values.

Best way companies can prepare is by reaching these three goals:
1) Make even better products;
2) Offer highly competitive services;
3) Produce Value Content.

11,489 days is a short period to do that.

Written by: Andrea Toniolo
Publishing date: 20 Jul 2018