Make money with social responsibility and political correctness

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World is constantly changing for better. Some would call me an optimist, but I think I am a realist. I look at the data and I see that it is getting better. Maybe I am biased in my choice of data, but I would need strong arguments to prove me wrong.

I believe that by 2100 our global GDP will be 5 to 10 times higher. 5 times if we keep experiencing financial crashes every decade (most likely), and 10 times if we have a smooth ride (most likely not). This basic prediction is based on approx. 3 % constant annual GDP growth and 1 % population growth up to 10 billion people. For this to happen we all need to have work and that work needs to be be smarter. This growth requires equality and sustainability. If we do not have equality, all that GDP will go to only the few and everybody else will not be happy and will not cooperate. If we do not have sustainability, such production growth will basically destroy our planet.

In 2100 my kids will be 95, 90, and 86 years old. Hopefully they will enjoy a richer, more equal, and sustainable global society.

Majority of people share this point of view, especially the young ones (Millenials, Gen Z, and the future Gen Alpha). Maybe not in the same way as I describe it, but they share an abstract vision of a better future world. I am sure they will all agree that having more money and rights while not living in a Venus like atmosphere is good. And all these people are current and future customers which should not be underestimated. They get it. And as time passes they will get it more and want it more.

Social responsibility and political correctness translate directly to richer, equal, and sustainable future.

While this is a soft value (it is a promise) it is increasing in priority as a value. Over past decades companies exploited all other values. There are not many alternatives left but to focus on building a better world. And equality and sustainability are obvious proven options. Companies that promote them will be respected by customers. Companies that do not will be rejected. Respect means revenue, rejection means no revenue.

Choose a side and never underestimate the customers, even the young ones.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 6 Feb 2019