Myth: brand is something abstract only big successful companies use

East Dutch India company

Myth: brand is something abstract big successful companies use


Brand represents and is customer perception, which is very concrete and every company uses it.

If you are doing any kind of business or selling any kind of products, your customer perception is important for you. Therefore your brand is important for you. Business size and complexity have nothing to do with it.

Confusion is caused by word “brand” which is not clear. “Brand” originating from word “fire” because of the act of branding with branding irons.

Also most businesses use and manage their brands, but some do it formally – they take actions with intent to manage the brand – and some do it informally – they do best for their business without formally calling it brand management or strategy. Both methods can give results, but it is best to plan.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 6 Oct 2016