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Forget B2C and B2B — We Need B2I by Peter Schwartz

“…business buyers are more demanding than individual purchasers when it comes to customer experience. The same study found that 74 percent of business customers, compared with 63 percent of consumers, will pay more for a better customer experience.”


Dearth of a Salesman: Auto Dealers Struggle to Recruit, Retain Younger Workers by Adrienne Roberts

“…potential buyers are increasingly dealing with staff who may know less about a vehicle’s features and technology than they do, dealers say. Even as more buyers are doing their car-shopping research online, state laws still require that most purchases be made in-person at dealerships.”


Millennials Are Fine Without Fabric Softener; P&G Looks to Fix That by Sharon Terlep

“The Cincinnati consumer-products giant, which commands more than half the $1.3 billion U.S. market for liquid softener with Downy and Gain, says a new generation of shoppers, the coveted millennials, have accelerated the decline. Shailesh Jejurikar, P&G’s head of global fabric care, told analysts recently that most millennials ‘don’t know what the product is for.'”


Good Taste and the Transformation of McDonald’s by Zach Mortice

“‘We don’t need to be loud anymore,’ says David Vilkama, McDonald’s global creative director. ‘We’re trying to move away from the old, cheap, plasticky, in-your-face fast food culture.’”

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 31 Aug 2018