Say NO to the Sales High


The adrenaline filled moment that precedes the closing of a sale and the overwhelming feeling of success when the sale is won are the Sales High. During the Sales High the salesperson feels enormous power, her judgement is clouded, and focus narrow. This feeling is very addictive and salesperson will crave to feel it again. Work not leading directly to another Sales High will start to be frustrating.

If a salesperson gets a Sales High often, she starts to exit the teamwork and systemic sale processes. This leads to the loss of competitiveness. Companies can not win depending on a group of individuals who are chasing their fixes, but only with rational systemic teamwork.

The real force of the sales force is the teamwork. Teamwork is the main facilitator of the sustainable growth. Without the teamwork, there is only a group of individual salespeople who go from one sale to another chasing their own individual agendas. Sales start to depend more on accidents and bonuses and not on the brand, product, and teamwork.

Positive emotions are always welcomed, but Sales High is not positive. Positive emotions should enforce the teamwork, not break it.

If your sales force is full of Sales High addicts, I recommend new CRM features, training, useful meetings, and reporting as rehab. The main point is that sales force should not only chase bonuses and wins, but promote the brand concept as well. To grow a brand you need the sales force minus the Sales High.

Written by: Andrea Toniolo
Publishing date: 14 Jun 2018