Super Fast & Valuable Agile Tasks (SFVAT)


Digital customer experience updates are becoming faster. More change tasks need to be completed within hours or days. Purpose of these tasks is to satisfy customers requests and to beat the slower or non-responsive competitors. Tasks are initiated by customer requests that come from customer support or social media. Good example is Tesla software update after a tweet.

Development methodology has been catching up.

Development teams complete a wide range of projects: projects which require months or years to complete with waterfall, agile projects which have frequent iterations and use sprints, research projects which need more freedom and have vague goals and deadlines, testing and debugging projects, etc. But the latest increases in speed require a new type of management.

We suggest a new term for these tasks: Super Fast & Valuable Agile Tasks (SFVAT). These tasks satisfy immediate customer needs, require complex changes in the code, and must be done within almost impossible deadlines. SFVAT does not include debugging and content changes, but changes in the features. Companies which master SFVAT will be more competitive because they provide more value, and SFVAT is an important component of brand equity management (BEM).

SFVAT requires that the customer-to-developer communication is fastest possible. This is achieved when business analysts, project managers, and developers understand the brand and the customer experience and can quickly turn customer comments into the code.