Old News (13)

Old news! Pamela Anderson, South Park, McDonalds, and construction companies
Old news! Banks, Oil, Bonuses, Space, Porn
Old news! Gothic, shoeshine, Mr. Price, and Next logo
Old news! Pajama, Shenzen, Apple, Tesla, 63 cm, and Milton Freedman
Old news! Fashion in China, Lego for adults, and Steve Ballmer's predictions
Old news! Oscar Wilde and 8 B USD in cash
Old news! Dreaming in black and white 5G
Old news! Outsourcing & The Queen
Old news! Light years away from any reality
Old news! Robots robots robots
Old news! Beatle, digital marketing, webinars, AI
Old news! Growth, Facebook, minutes, agile Italy
Old news! Customization, softeners, cars, hamburgers