Three mega trends that will influence all companies in coming decades


1) Digitalization
While customers adopt more digital products and content, companies will compete to satisfy them. This will result in two changes: Companies that are full and early adopters of digital technologies in products, marketing, and sales will have an advantage. Full adoption of digital technologies includes cloud, big data, and AI.

2) Sustainability
The global community has had a strong reaction to the anti-climate change political rhetoric in the last 2 years and will invest significantly more in sustainability and circular economies. Most products will have to switch to sustainable methods or they will lose competitiveness. Sustainability will be a highly sought-after commodity by all customers, and companies that offer it will have an advantage. Sustainability will develop beyond basic green visuals into sophisticated manufacturing and delivery processes.

3) Decentralization
As more economies grow and participate in the global market, the world will no longer have few leaders and many followers. Developing economies are becoming relevant markets and producers. This is a signal that the global market will be less centralized and more inclusive. Companies that are able to market and sell internationally will have an advantage. Decentralization also means that there will be more companies competing for the same large markets.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 26 Dec 2018