Visualizing companies as stars

company as a star

We do a lot of marketing and sales training. If we do it well we do not get a compliment but a complaint: “But I already knew this!”

This is a confirmation that our training worked. Our goal is not to create new knowledge or to train people who do not have the knowledge, but to organize already existing knowledge so it is more effective. Marketing and sales knowledge is always present in companies, but it is messy, confused, disorganized, neglected, and used poorly. We see our job as tidying it up so everything can be done better and faster.

One way to train and inspire marketing and sales is to use visualizations.

Above is a visualization which represents market as a galaxy and a company as a star with three layers: products, sales, and content. The star red center represents products, the yellow layer represents sales, and the blue layer represents content.

Content is fading away showing the limits of the company’s reach. Transparent blue edges represent content created and shared by customers. Border between sales and content is mixed as they overlap. Customers first get in contact with content, then sales, and finally the product.

Millions of companies form the galaxy in the background. Some of them use more content, some only sales, and some only have products (early startups). All these companies exist in an extreme chaos which cannot be predicted. The size of the red, yellow, and blue can change depending on how valuable each layer is to customers. Some companies can have huge blue layers as they produce more content and some only red and a bit yellow as they just made their products and started selling.

Let me know if this visualization helps you see the relationship between products, sales, and content and their role in the competition differently? Email me at

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 29 Aug 2018