What is teamwork?


Everybody agrees with the following:
– One person alone can not do much.
– Teamwork is the main facilitator of any project.
– Companies with better teamwork will be more competitive.
– Ideal teamwork is one team which includes everybody.

And no one really knows how teamwork can actually be designed, managed, and improved.

One of the main benefits of A New Way To Sell is a single team because the focus is on the customer experience. Customer wants to have many different interactions with the company including website, app, customer care, different types of sales, events, etc. This forces the company to standardize the content and know-how to focus on the customer instead of internal needs.

However, how is this actually done?

Contrary to all the stock photos out there teamwork is not about people. It is about software they use. There seems to be a general fear to discuss teamwork without using a photo of happy people holding hands, wearing suits, and sitting in meetings. None of which is teamwork.

The reality of teamwork is that all team members have equal data and applications that use that data. This has nothing to do with psychology, sociology, happiness, and human resources. While it is obviously better to have happy people than sad people, still those people must cooperate which requires data and software.

Typical software which builds teamwork is:
– Cloud productivity software like G Suite and Dropbox;
– Wiki solutions for team know-how management;
Project management software like Asana, Trello, Jira;
CRM software like Salesforce and Dynamics;
– Marketing analytics tools with team and cloud features;
Business intelligence tools with team and cloud features.

Once team members start cooperating on same files, data, and projects in the cloud their focus is completely on common goals, they learn how to complement each other, and complete projects together. Companies that still refer to teamwork as meetings, conference calls, and spending time physically together will be less and less competitive. This applies dominantly to marketing, sales, and IT which are not tied so much to a physical location.

While the above photo seems to represent a happy team, they would be much better off with 6 more computers with cloud team software.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 24 Sep 2018