Where does marketing stop and sales start?

Steve Ballmer Satya Nadella Microsoft

There are two types of knowledge needed to deliver value to customers: product knowledge and technology knowledge.

Product knowledge is unique to the company, requires a lot of resources to develop, and is not-transferable to other companies. Example is: BMW car design.

Technology knowledge deals with general technologies necessary to deliver value, it should not be developed inside the company, it can be bought easily and is transferable to other companies. Example: CRM.

In an ideal world everyone in the company is a top expert in products and technologies, but this is not possible. There is a need for different people who have both of these skills and they need to work together.

Sales and marketing are a great example. On most general level sales is product knowledge and marketing is technology knowledge. If you push the sales to know more about technologies or push marketing to know more about the products both will fail at their jobs. The blurry line between sales and marketing is exactly the type of knowledge they use to deliver value to customers.