Why Apple makes bad products

Apple poop animoji

A product is a result of passion and obsession. Someone has an idea, makes it into a product, and registers a company so they can sell it. In the start a product is very important for the company – it is a creation and an investment which is paying off.

However, all products eventually lose value. Either competitors copy them, better products show up, or customers simply get bored. Companies that survive realize that relying on products is neither possible nor relevant.

From the customer perspective a perfect product is the one which they pay once and get the value forever. Today, such products are rare. Most products become obsolete quickly.

In fashion, automotive, toy, entertainment, electronics and other industries companies make their last year products obsolete so they can sell the new products. From the customer perspective these soon-to-be-obsolete products are “bad products”. Customers pay a full amount for them every year yet the value they get is more or less the same.

Bad products are very effective for growth in two ways: they increase the revenue by turning product sales into subscriptions and they build the brand. As the products are constantly replaced customers learn to attach to the brand only. As a result brand becomes more resilient and produces more and more bad products. Using vapid numbers as product brand names helps.

This is why Apple makes bad products.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 21 Nov 2018