Why is Brand Equity Management (BEM) important for businesses?

Apple organizational chart

Brand Equity Management (BEM) is important for businesses because it is a management approach most focused on customer perspective.

If it is compared to other management approaches such as Six Sygma, Data Management, and Customer Relationship Management. All of them improve the business, but none focus so much on creating a deep and long connection with customers.

BEM achieves this by focusing on following rules:

– Brand Position and Differentiation are the most important drivers of short and long term business growth;

– For Brand Position and Differentiation to be implemented´╝î the entire company, its supply chain, and distribution, must support it.

Our experience is that the Brand Equity Management term is new and unknown, but it is easily explained and adopted because most owners and managers understand the importance of Brand Position and Differentiation. The problem with BEM is not the understanding, but the practical implementation.

CEOs, Product designers, and CMOs have a clear understanding of how company is different and therefore how it competes. However, they have problems implementing and maintaining across their teams.

BEM is a method which manages this implementation and BEMapps.com is a set of tools which allows businesses and their suppliers to participate in this change mostly by creating an joint team, common language, and easy tools.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 28 Feb 2016