World Economic Forum report: Skills needed in 2020

Mosaic illustration for the advertising campaign of Clear Channel in Switzerland

World Economic Forum made a list of top 10 skills needed in 2020:

1) Complex Problem Solving
2) Critical Thinking
3) Creativity
4) People Management
5) Coordinating with Others
6) Emotional Intelligence
7) Judgement and Decision Making
9) Negotiation
10) Cognitive Flexibility

Brand Equity Management is not included, but our training suggest that it is included as an addition to above skills.

Here is a list of how BEM can be part of above skills with a rate (10 is highest importance):

1) Complex Problem Solving – 8/10 – Large number of problems include brand strategy and management. BEM is very important.
2) Critical Thinking – 6/10 – Brand terminology and knowledge can offer additional insight. BEM is important.
3) Creativity – 8/10 – Capturing patterns in problems, designing solutions, and building know-how includes brand knowledge. BEM is important.
4) People Management – 1/10 – BEM does not participate directly.
5) Coordinating with Others – 3/10 – BEM does not participate directly, but using our BEM terminology improves cooperation. BEM can help.
6) Emotional Intelligence – 1/10 – BEM does not participate directly.
7) Judgement and Decision Making – 7/10 – One of the main premises of BEM is that decisions need to include brands. BEM is very important.
9) Negotiation – 5/10 – Brands are one of the most important business assets which can be included in negotiations. BEM is important.
10) Cognitive Flexibility – 1/10 – BEM does not participate.

Image by Charis Tservis.